ProHealth Vision is an absolutely versatile and function specific billing company.

Our company serves all medical practices across US.
We are a large group of medical billing experts working proactively with providers, to take the burden of billing process off your shoulders, and ensure that cashflow cycle is promptly and timely maintained.

Our leadership carries decadent experience of dealing with medical billing processes for all types of specialties and has a proven record of ensuring the revenue management for all our clients.

Best Composition of Economy & Efficiency

We offer a complete package of medical billing, RCM, and clinical management services for your medical practice.

Our services cover the front office services to managing Medical billing, Medical Credentialing and efficient handling of accounts receivables.

Our service delivery model engages resources designed to offer both onshore and offshore medical billing resources simply best-in-class while keeping the economy at the utmost priority.

Optimum Level Operations and Sustainability

Our billing consultants create an organized management process for providers and nursing staff both.

Pro Health Vision offers a wide-range of expert services to clients and our expert practice management personnel take full responsibility of managing the business aspects of a medical practice while allowing physicians to focus on their patients.

Our billing services are engineered to drastically improve your revenue by reducing the number of denied and unpaid claims.

We monitor our billers very closely to ensure that every claim is followed and tracked actively until all allowable amounts are accounted for.